Posted on 9/19/2015 at 2:26 PM EST

Blood and Thorns
Genre: Fantasy, erotic, male/male
Note: Please be advised this excerpt is unedited

"You're a dead man," Trevant observed the guardsman over the rim of his tea cup. The light floral scent as always soothed his frayed nerves. The tavern was the one place in this part of the city that was willing to make the tea for him. Trevant half-lowered his lids and continued to follow the guardsman's progress across the room. In fact, since entering the tavern the man was the focus of not only Trevant's interest but that of the gang of rouges as well.

"Stupid," Trevant muttered before taking a sip, he swirled it around on his tongue enjoying the fruit and spice taste. "You'll get a knife in your back and a battalion of your comrades will converge on this place."

The thought brought back a memory. Of the night when everything he knew went up in flames. For a moment Trevant's ears were filled with the roar of flames and the screams of the suffering. It had taken them three years to rebuild. A chair scraping back brought him out of that dark place. Trevant looked up, realizing at that same time that his hands trembled as they clutched the cup. The guardsman was leaning over one of the tables and in a heated conversation with the leader of the local gang of rogues, a man named Jidan.

Not like the other leaders that Trevant knew of, Jidan was quite willing to cut a throat without the slightest bit of consideration. It was a second man, the one who rose from his table across the room, who now held Trevant's attention. He moved with care towards the exposed back of the hapless guard. Trevant didn't know this man's name but the glint of the dim light on the blade he drew from his coat told Trevant his intent. The guard was completely unaware of his peril. He continued his verbal sparring with Jidan. Trevant set down his cup and drew out a breath of frustration. No one would intervene of course. Already the patrons were making surreptitious efforts to turn their backs or move away. "I suppose I'll have to deal with this stupidity,"